Schafer Design offers a variety of flexible pricing programs that provide you the best value based on your project. We will discuss your project with your in detail and at no cost to you. We will outline for you the most efficient design process, including how you can best present your project materials to us, ensuring you the most cost-effective results possible. Take advantage of our free initial consultation and contact us today for an appointment to discuss your project.

Schafer Design can furnish you with an estimate of the cost of your project. Estimates are based on your requirements and include a round of minor revisions. Actual cost of the project is based on our Time and Materials rates.

Time and Materials
This is our most popular option. We are allowed a reasonable amount of freedom to achieve the best possible results within your specified quality range. We don’t have to add contingency fees to cover unforeseen revisions, and you pay for exactly what you get.

• Initial 1 hour consultation meetings are Free.
• Branding, Print and Graphic design related services  Rate~$75.00/hr.
• Web Design and Development Services.  Rate~$100.00/hr.
• Rush services(48 hours or less) add $25 per hour.

Fixed Bids

Schafer Design can furnish you with a fixed bid for your project. Fixed bids are based on the requirements you specify and include a round of minor revisions. Additional costs for the project not specified in the bid will be based on our Time and Materials rates.

Budget Constrained

You may choose to constrain the cost of your project to a fixed amount. For example, say you have a budget of $1500 to develop a Web site. During your free initial consultation, we will outline for you what you can expect for that amount. Subsequently, we will provide you with the very best possible product the $1500 will allow. If you later determine you need additional services, for the original project or a new one, the costs for the additional services can be determined by any of our rate options.